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MallSpacesAsia is the combined start-up and brain-child of a group of real estate professionals looking to qualify leads outside of the typical commercial and property guru platforms. This concept intrigued us at BCUMEN and we are primed and ecstatic to be a part of this initiative.

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The founders of MallSpacesAsia needed a team dedicated to their vision and direction of an ever-evolving product. Requirements consist of the necessary back-end set up and dynamic referencing of code to market research and data analytics.


With a strong belief in the success of the project, BCUMEN undertook MallSpacesAsia as an innovative project and has been working very closely with the founders of MallSpacesAsia to create a dedicated portal to the perfect space with a range of complementing resources at the fingertips of the users.

Starting from end-2018, BCUMEN has been infusing its proprietary strategic sales strategy, EDGAN, into MallSpacesAsia, leading users through a large funneling strategy padded with a great customer journey experience, well into 2019.


MallSpacesAsia has been very well received in the community and the team behind MallSpacesAsia has been growing into 2019. BCUMEN is proud to be a part of this great initiative and are excited to see where this portal will go!

Visit to learn more about MallSpaces Asia and the services they offer. They have a great blog too!

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