Injecting Art and Science into your Brand

Our team believes that a Brand is a marriage of art and science; a meticulously crafted and ever-evolving product that demands creative thinking and constant refinement.

If you’re looking for a fresh perspective or wanting to inject life into your brand, talk to us and find out how.


Your brand is an asset that never depreciates as long as you take care of it. Our goal is to help you develop a valuable, sustainable and resilient brand – for today and the tomorrows that follow.

What your brand represents and stand for is heavily influenced by your customer. When was the last time you spent time understanding the thought process and actions of your key customers?

Through our persona identification strategy, we can extract key drivers of your brand and translate it into actionable processes.

Understanding your market landscape will help you with your broader strategy and facilitate critical decision making.

Landscaping can be used to learn about a new field, discover important trends shaping a sector, seek out blue ocean opportunities, as well as identify peers and collaborators.

The difference between a good brand and a great brand is the degree of brand alignment with overarching corporate strategies.

Support from top management is a necessary ingredient to the success of any brand or re-branding work.

Consisting of your Brand Promise, Brand Positioning, Brand Personality, Brand Lexicon and Brand Narrative, the Brand Identity System will allow you to create a world class customer experience, culminating in the achievement of your Brand Vision.


Attention spans are shrinking. Sell simplicity. You can get more attention by doing less of what everyone else is doing, and more of what only you can do.

Stories are what make people share and talk. We tell stories for brands that are looking to reach not just the eyes and ears, but also the hearts of their customers.

Infused with your brand personality and interlaced with layers of messaging and imagery, your customers will come to you looking for more to share and talk about.

In response to diminishing attention spans of today, engage your audience through both sight and sound. We can help tell the story of your brand through a range of visual solutions. From simple 10 second advertisements, to 3 minute long-form pieces, to comprehensive 30 minute programs, trust BCUMEN to deliver your content in the best way possible.


To stand out, you need your brand to be dynamic. Bring your brand and ideas to life by planning your brand's heartbeat.

Organic – Using your brand identity system, our team can establish your online presence through a range of common digital channels: website, LinkedIn, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, WeChat, etc.

Paid – Our Google Certified team is able to plan and purchase AdWords to direct traffic to your platforms and funnel qualified leads to you.

Wanting to create a big bang? You can place ads on radio, television, public transport, as well as buildings through both print and digital formats. We can provide advice on how and where to take out these ads to best reach your target audience.

Road shows, guerrilla marketing, product launches, celebrity endorsements, etc.

When was the last time you paid extra detail to your packaged goods? Your brand does not end at the cashier counter.

Use the opportunity your customer has given you to convert them into a repeat customer through your brand touch points on your packaging.

Strong internal branding is vital to the success of all external branding efforts. Your employees are the closet people to your brand.

Successful internal branding is a journey, not a one-and-done activity; it will cement employee commitment to the company and ensure that everything you do is aligned with your values and behaviors.

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