We are one of Singapore’s leading SME consultancy firms, where innovative thinking, inspired people with a passion for results come together for an extraordinary impact.

Our Mission

Unlocking your business potential.

BCUMEN’s mission is to give people and their business the power to grow and create long sustainable revenue through partnerships. In today’s crowded and noisy environment, we help business stand out and be dynamic through their brand spark and authenticity.

Let us bring your tomorrow.

Companies often get caught up in their daily operations, over diversify and lose focus of their goals and core competencies.

Helping companies see and make the changes needed to seize competitive advantage – and to win – has always been our mission.

Evaluate your business
Understanding your business and the pain points you face is important to identifying gaps and opportunities in your strategy.

Train your Experts
Through intensive brainstorming workshops held outside your usual office environment, we address all your challenges and develop strategies for your team.

Disrupt the Market
Using insights we’ve gathered, we inject life into your business and grow your community. Together we create sustainable businesses.

A Partner in Transformation
We believe the most effective way to bring value to our clients is to become their partners, forging partnerships in transformation and growing together.

Inspiring Others
Together, we can create a stronger company, anchored in a clear set of strategies, achieving sustainable advantages and capabilities, becoming market leaders in your industry and inspire others.

Building Your Business, Together
Your business is your most prized possession and we understand that. We are BCUMEN, and we would love to help you unlock your business potential.

Our Vision

Creating positivity in the world.

Here at BCUMEN, we choose to be crazy, crazy enough to change the world.

Changing the world for the better through collaborations with great partners we have fun with, because we believe business should be fun is conducted.

And when great, fun people – with a dash of crazy, come together, the world gains a ripple of positivity.

Our Values

Turning partners into friends is our way to build a better community, a better future.

Being passionate about our job is how we are continuously moving forward, innovating, and improving.

Providing our best service to clients is how we create value above the rest.

Trust is built over time. Being honest, open, ethical, and fair is our way of adhering to our word.

We are constantly learning, we believe in empowering our leaders and providing everyone an equal opportunity to grow.

Our People

Defined by our people

Our people are a primary reason our clients recommend BCUMEN to others. Our unique perspective, broad experience acquired through close collaboration with clients, and deep insight to our work create winning businesses of the future.

Regardless of cultural, educational, or professional background, our people have much in common: the same passion of challenging conventional thinking and solving complex problems, experience that spans a variety of industries, and a passion for helping clients succeed.

It’s an exciting journey to work with us.

Over 20 years in marketing and media has given Alex the opportunity to work in many different areas of brands, understanding, appreciating and executing the full marketing spectrum — always with fantastic people and incredible teams.

Over 25 years of extensive experience throughout South East Asia, Germany, and USA, designing and managing corporate offices for MNCs, Raj knows the intrinsic necessity of functional design, in increasing staff productivity and in turn revenue.

Our Partnerships

BCUMEN Alliance Ecosystem

BCUMEN establishes partnerships with leading companies and organizations to better serve our clients’ needs. Through the Alliance Ecosystem, BCUMEN is able to offer clients access to specialized services and capabilities that we would otherwise be unable to.

BCUMEN clients and prospective clients who want to learn more about the BCUMEN Alliance Ecosystem, or organizations interested in discussing a partnership with BCUMEN, please contact us.

Our Clients

Making change happen

In alignment with our vision to create positivity in the world, we stand proudly behind all of our clients work and promote them because we believe they are creating a better world.

At BCUMEN, we work closely with our clients who are passionate about the future, embracing change and driven for success.

Learn more by reading some of our client signature stories.

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