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2019 Sales Strategy

Stop Selling, Start Drinking.

Raise your glasses and challenge your team. Often we hear the art of selling and that it comes naturally. With 30 years of experience in sales, we have developed and extracted the science behind the art of selling, and can transform your salespeople into confident solution consultants within a week!


EDGAN is always unique. EDGAN is a customized sales program designed for each client based on their unique sales requirement and needs. ​

Together we will uncover the true pain points of the market and what your competitors lack.

Having one point of truth is essential for the success of any sales team. Your sales kit should be developed and versatile to be handed off to any member of your team to continue any account.

As a salesperson, we often rush to cover as much detail in our presentation, flooding our customers with irrelevant information, thinking the more we talk, the more likely our customer will agree with us.

With EDGAN, we are able to identify key points to target, build credibility and secure our accounts.


Each market and industry requires a different approach to crack it open. EDGAN is able to pin point and uncover the pain points of your customers.

Stories are what make people share and talk. We will teach you the core of telling stories for your customers. 

Capturing their attention, creating interest and desire, and finally securing an action from them.

The world is constantly evolving. Together, we will identify your target persona and build inbound & outbound strategies to target these customers, adapting to both online and offline channels. 


EDGAN follows a 5-step systematic approach towards creating an uplifting and winning formulae revolving constantly around your sales execution.

We will unlock the potential of your entire team by training them to produce tangible results of numbers you only dreamed of.

We bring your team to the fight. Together, we spar with them, sweat with them, integrate with them, and fight with them. 

We have our proprietary customized sales solution ready to be imparted to you and your team, to grow their confidence and build a systematic approach in securing sales.

It is essential that everyone in your team is able to speak a common language in sales. You want seamless exchange of information within your group to increase productivity in meetings and updates. 

We aim for maximum skills transfer and expect high level of mastery for your team. 

Prior to certification, each and every member of your team will have to complete an assignment to demonstrate mastery of the process.

We're on Your Team.

We Understand Your Challenges
The fact of the matter is that most companies spend a large amount of time looking for new business and sales strategies and are often stuck planning for the year.

It is our experience that companies attempt, year after year, to fine-tune their sales strategy and adjust their team sizes, but to what end?

Another year comes to a close and you’re looking at the “learnings” your team have gathered throughout the year.

Your Team is Your Key
Instead of throwing large amounts of your budget searching for an outlandish new sales strategy, invest in a systematic approach of strategic selling solution to transform your entire sales team into solution consultants.

Only The Best.

Why Companies Top Management Engage Us?
We are experts in breaking down your sales challenges and developing fresh sales strategies and solutions around your existing ones to build your pipeline and attract new prospects.

Why We Thrive?
We are a neutral party to your business. We view your business development, sales plan and execution with fresh and different angles that may be hidden in your blind spot.

Why Us?
Our top trainer is one of the top solution salesperson with over a decade of sales experience. We are committed to your sales success and provide ongoing solutions to your dynamic team.

Why Wait?
You have nothing to lose and everything to gain. We have so much to offer you and your team starting from a simple chat.

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