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Gridline Design Lab was stuck in 2000 with its outdated website operating on a flash plugin. Lacking in speed and accuracy with its existing vendor, Eddie, Managing Director and Principal Designer, decided to partner with BCUMEN in creating his new look and feel for his company. BCUMEN worked closely with the passionate team from Gridline Design Lab and designed its brand identity system, online presence, bringing about a fresh new look to match Gridline Design Lab’s capabilities.

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Mr. Eddie Tan, Managing Director of Gridline Design Lab, was running a very successful interior design firm in 2018. However his online image did not match the capabilities of him and his team. Eddie decided that along with his team expansion in 2018, he wanted to find a reputable company to work together with in creating the look and feel he always wanted.


Along with the increase in team size, Gridline Design Lab’s capabilities rose as well. No longer could they be running an outdated website that would not load on industry norm browsers. Eddie was keen on having the unification of work from the existing and incoming team. Over the next 3 months, BCUMEN worked closely with the passionate director and the Head of Business Development, Mr. Andrew Chang, to create and establish the new look and feel of Gridline Design Lab.


Over the course of several weeks in late-2018, BCUMEN worked closely with the team at Gridline Design Lab, to bring about its fresh look to customers online, setting themselves miles apart from competitors in the industry. Along with website development, Gridline Design Lab engaged BCUMEN for its marketing consultation and video production services. 

With great feedback from their customers and new clients, Eddie along with the team at Gridline Design Lab is happy and proud to have BCUMEN as its partner.

Visit to learn more about Eddie and the interior work of Gridline Design Lab.

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