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Design Gateway wanted to brand itself into a leading Singapore design platform, building its three pillars of expertise. BCUMEN worked closely with the passionate founder of Design Gateway and designed its brand identity system, online presence and carried out event execution, bringing about astounding success to its inaugural overseas workshop.

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Mr. Rajesh Shah established Design Gateway in 2013 as an events centric community, organizing: Awards, Seminars, Workshops, Talks, and Events. Serving the design industry and reaching out to both local and overseas interior designers. Helping designers to materialize design related events through detail conceptualization, sourcing, arranging and creating impactful activities.


Promoting great design without an audience is akin to talking to the wind. With the help of fellow veterans in the industry, Design Gateway brought together a group of famous, esteemed designers to create its first design talk and workshop. 

Design Gateway then approached BCUMEN to design and build its brand identity system, online presence and document the event execution.


Over the course of a week in August 2018, BCUMEN worked closely with the passionate founder, Mr. Raj Shah, to bring about its inaugural workshop to guests from overseas. Video and photography coverage was carried out along with keynote interviews with each distinguished speakers. 

With astounding success from the participants and speakers, Design Gateway is happy and proud to have BCUMEN as its brand partner.

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